Interview with Cardinal Richelieu

Als ich klein war, lief im Fernsehen eine Serie, deren englischer Titel „Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds“ heißt. Wie der Name schon sagt, wird im Wesentlichen die Geschichte von „D’Artagnan und den drei Musketieren“ von Alexandre Dumas erzählt – nur, dass die Protagonisten überwiegend Hunde sind.

Kürzlich habe ich das folgende YouTube-Video entdeckt, das diese Serie und besonders die Figur des Kardinal Richelieu darin auf die Schippe nimmt.
Einige Äußerungen sind eindeutig zweideutig, aber insgesamt ist es eine total witzige Parodie. Und obwohl ich verstanden habe, worum es geht, finde ich die Stelle am witzigsten, in der Richelieu erzählt, dass er gefragt wurde, wie er seine spirituelle Rolle als Kardinal ausfüllen kann, wo er doch ein Hund ist und folglich keine Seele hat. Und die Stelle am Schluss, in der er sich über den Text des Thema-Songs der Fernsehserie lustig macht: „They certainly drunk their beer and swore!“ (to swear = schwören/fluchen). 😀

Interview with Cardinal Richelieu

Taking a break from his Machiavellian machinations and attempts to thwart Dogtanian and the Muskehounds, Cardinal Richelieu gives his thoughts on religion and also the behaviours of some of his peers…

Live from Paris

„After a busy day, extracting confessions, it was necessary to attach collars to the wicked creatures to stop them from licking or gnawing with their bones. I recall that once, after a particularly busy day, we ran out of the collars and I was forced to improvise. Luckily for me, I knew Ikea had a sale on lampshades, so I was able to adapt them and use them as makeshift collars. I was quite pleased with myself about that one. Some really quick thinking on my part, I thought.
A friend once asked me how I manage to reconcile my role as cardinal with the fact that I’m a dog, and consequently have no soul. They also wondered how I manage to sell the idea of spiritual salvation in the afterlife through good deeds and a pensive lifestyle to a congregation who are also dogs and therefore also lacked souls. I’m used to such questions naturally, did have a very keen in speech pervading response, pointing out the fact that faith allows me to rise above the fact that I’m canine. Unfortunately, I spotted a nearby cat and had to chase him out of the garden before stopping to clean my own genitals with my tongue. I was therefore unable to reply. What a fauxpas!
Yes, yes, I remember! It went something like ’nanana, nanana, they drink their beer and swear they’re faithful to their King…‘ Yes. Well, I don’t know about ‚faithful to their King‘, but they certainly drank their beer and swore! Honestly, some of the language they use in the pub of an evening! I don’t even know what a tallywhacker is. Do you know what a tallywhacker is? I don’t.“

Running text:
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